Your safety is our priority

CFB Suffield conducts live fire training exercises. Access is strictly controlled at all times to ensure your safety when working in the area. Only authorized companies and their contractors who have signed the Surface Access Agreement and have attended the Suffield Industry Range Control (SIRC) safety orientation will be permitted access (see below).

Suffield Range Calendar

If you have already attended a safety orientation, view the latest Suffield Range Calendar, located under Operational Notices on the right side of this website

The range calendar is produced monthly during the active military training period (April - October annually). It must be consulted when planning access to the Suffield Range or for larger scale projects. However, it is only a guide and can change dramatically due to various circumstances.

Safety orientation steps

  1. Schedule a safety orientation session by calling (403) 544‑4485.
  2. Print and fill out the SIRC information form prior to the scheduled orientation
  3. Submit the printed form to SIRC staff the day of the orientation

Operational notices

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